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The military is a unique profession, demonstrated by the vast difference in culture between military personnel and the civilian population. The military culture relies heavily on the individuals’ contribution to the team, where weaknesses are shielded by the strengths of others. Another point of difference is the regular rotation of positions, promotions and discharges which due to the constant turnover of personnel, results in a low retention of skills within units.  As a result of this, some skills or techniques do not get passed along and need to be re-learnt within the unit, costing time and money.

This website will act as a repository of knowledge for military skills and techniques, primarily for commanders but also for soldiers. It is a collection of resources designed for professional development as well as tools for self improvement.

Junior Tactician takes pride in providing military members with the material to improve both themselves and their subordinates. We aim to bring together a broad community who strive to improve themselves and contribute to helping others. Our mission statement is as follows:

‘Junior Tactician is to provide commanders and soldiers with tools and resources to conduct self and professional development in order to enhance the military profession’

This will be achieved via the following methods:

  1. Provide tools and resources for junior commanders;
  2. Generate a repository for members to submit and share ideas and techniques; and
  3. Provide a forum for users to discuss ideas, affairs, strategy and policy.
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Eli Blair
Design & Project Manager

I initially enlisted into the Australian Defence Force in 2008 as a Combat Engineer within the Australian Regular Army. After several postings and deployments both internationally and domestically I decided to attend the Royal Military College-Duntroon in 2016 in order to gain my commission. Upon graduation I was allocated to the Corps of Australian Army Aviation and have commenced my training as a pilot.

As the founder of Junior Tactician it is my privilege to lead this dedicated team to enable current and future commanders to develop and grow within our profession of arms. It is my role to plan, organise and lead the continual development of Junior Tactician.

Matthew Reeves
Content Editor

I joined the Australian Regular Army in 2006 as a Technician within the Royal Australian Corps of Signals (RASIGS). I have had numerous deployments to multiple theatres overseas and spent the majority of my time in Townsville, concluding as a corporal before transferring to become an officer. Upon graduation from the Royal Military College of Duntroon I was allocated back to RASIGS.

As the Content Designer it is my responsibility to create the Tactical Decision Exercises and other creative content as well as assist in the future development of Junior Tactician.

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