Build The Team

“What makes us special is not the fact that we have ‘special’ in our name, jump out of planes, have lots of equipment or conduct special missions; it is because we are all masters at the basic soldier skills, this is what makes us better than the rest of the army, the rest follows.”

SGT L, Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)

There are hundreds of jobs within the military, most with some very specific skill sets that require constant practice. With this, it is easy to forget that there are basic skills that we must all master and maintain at a high standard. We must find time to practice and improve these basic skills as this is what sets us apart from the civilian world. 

The below sections contain articles designed to help improve the knowledge base of key military skills including field craft, marksmanship, navigation, physical training and law and ethics. Select a category to browse relevant resources. Command Your Future.

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