Combat Team – Bravo


An MAF Battle Group has been sighted to the south of Oatlands IVO GS 3016 and moving North. This BG is based on the 7th Motorised infantry Battalion supported with a platoon from the Engineer Company, Anti-Tank Guided Missile Company and Mortar Battalion.  MAF is currently conducting an advance with the main axis of advance being identified as the Midland corridor. It is believed the MAF BG COMD’s intent is to use his momentum and our hasty defences to his advantage, he will conduct a single envelopment to the West utilising Kitchners Ridge as cover. His equipment is standard to the MAF Motorised Brigade ORBAT.

CT-B is establishing its initial stages of the delay position on Horton Hill. 1 Pl has been sighted to the South, 2 Pl to the East and 3 Pl in rear security/depth to the North West.


CT-B is to DELAY MAF Advance by 24 hrs IOT allow BG Panther to establish a block at Campbell Town


Commanders Intent:

Purpose           To delay MAF advance by 24 hours.

Method           Disrupt MAF SA through the conduct of fighting patrols & Disrupt MAF momentum through CT successive delay.

End state         CT-B has assumed its position as part of the BG BLOCK at Campbell Town and the MAF advance has been delayed by 24 hours.

General SOM:

Phase 1            At the commencement of the phase CT-B is located with BG Panther at AA Lancaster IVO Evandale. It will see the movement as a BG to Campbell Town and the separation of CT-A and CT-B to their delay locations. It will also see the development of delay positions, patrolling and preparation for the delay battle. This phase will end once the MAF vanguard has crossed RL Storm.

Phase 2            This phase will commence once the MAF vanguard has crossed RL Storm. It will see the conduct of the delay battle with successive movement to Mount Augusta and then Campbell Town. This phase will end once CT-B has occupied it position within the BG block.

Administration and Logistics:

Rats / Water: 72 hrs / >6L

Dress: MO

Ammo: First line ammo on person, up to third line ammunition carried within APCs. Each Platoon to carry allocated section stores. (first line ammunitions consisting of 150 rounds loose and 800 rounds link. Section stores consists of grenades, claymores, 66mm and smoke).

Medical: Each Platoon to have designated medics with medical stores to include stretcher tops, FADs, tourniquets and med kits. Platoon commanders are to sight their own CCP/CXP and develop their own medical CASEVAC Plan.

CASEVAC Plan: There is no AME available but surface evacuation assets from BG Panther are on 15 min NTM under control through 29F for all PRI 1 and 2 casualties. BG Panther is approximately 15 km North of CT location with a rehearsed time of no more than 25 minutes for arrival. CT CCP will be located North of position in GS 3745. All PRI 3 casualties will be dealt with on site by Platoon medics and evacuated when possible.

Command and Signals:

CT HQ will be located centrally between the Platoons IVO track as per map.

Signals will be as per standard SOI with CT Pri and Alt utilised. No retrans capability available at this stage.

All Platoons are to ensure radio checks are conducted every hour on the hour.

Any nicknames utilised for orders are to be submitted through orders.

Magic pass number for the next 24 hours is 9.

Lost communications procedure will be through higher elevation, higher power and higher frequency.







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