Combat Team – Charlie


BG PANTHER HQ is located at Campbell Town District High School (), with BG transport and logistics assets located IVO the Caltex building and grassland to the rear (GR 410 581). CT-C has been tasked with providing security for BHQ. I31 is providing close security to the centre of Campbell Town and BHQ itself. I32 is providing security to the outer regions of Campbell Town, and I33 has been tasked as the BG QRF, collocated with BHQ

BDE S2 has provided intelligence that an MAF SF cell of up to eight persons is operating within the region. The cell is conducting reconnaissance of Australian forces to identify possible targets and vital assets for follow on MAF forces, as well as conducting opportune attacks.


CT-C is to SECURE Campbell Town IOT allow BG Panther to establish a block.


Commanders Intent:

Purpose          To enable BHQ to establish the BG Block at Campbell Town.

Method           Support BG operations through provision of resupply and reserves to CT-A and   CT-B; deny EN freedom of action in Campbell Town through patrolling and vital asset protection and the protection of support assets during the construction of block obstacles.

End state        CT-C has secured Campbell Town and is postured with the remainder of the BG at Campbell Town for the main defensive battle.

General SOM:

Phase 1          At the commencement of this phase CT-C is located with BG PANTHER HQ at Campbell Town. It will see the development of defensive preparations at Campbell Town District High School and the A2 Echelon, as well as securing of the Midland Highway north and south of Campbell Town. This phase will end once CT-A and CT-B have assumed their defensive positions. 

Administration and Logistics:

Rats / Water: 72 hrs / >6L

Dress: PTLO

Ammo: First line ammo on person, up to third line ammunition carried within APCs. Each Platoon to carry allocated section stores. (first line ammunition consisting of 150 rounds loose and 800 rounds link. Section stores consists of grenades, claymores, 66mm and smoke).

Medical: Each Platoon to have designated medics with medical stores to include stretcher tops, FADs, tourniquets and med kits. BG CXP is located at the Campbell Town Health and Community Service centre at GR 409 583. Platoon commanders are to designate their own CCP if moving outside of CT-C boundaries, otherwise they are to use the BG CXP. Platoon commanders must develop their own medical CASEVAC Plan.

CASEVAC Plan: For operations within boundaries, CT-C is to use organic surface assets to evacuate casualties to the BG CXP. There is no AME available. If moving outside of CT-C boundaries, BG surface evacuation assets are on 15 min NTM under control through 39F for all PRI 1 and 2 casualties. All PRI 3 casualties will be dealt with on site by Platoon medics and evacuated when possible.

Command and Signals:

CT HQ will be located at BHQ, GR 407 584.

Signals will be as per standard SOI with CT Pri and Alt utilised.

All Platoons are to ensure radio checks are conducted every hour on the hour.

Any nicknames utilised for orders are to be submitted through orders.

Magic pass number for the next 24 hours is 17.

Lost communications procedure will be through higher elevation, higher power and higher frequency.










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