Mounted Interdiction

Unit: I33

Attachments: 4 x M113; 1 x Military Working Dog with handler.

Detachments: Nil

Location: Refer to map

Time: D+3 2215

Weather: No wind; overcast; sunrise at 0610

Situation: Earlier this evening, local police received information of suspicious activity at 2 Mason Street, Campbell Town, from a concerned neighbour. The neighbour observed two men carrying duffel bags and dressed in civilian clothes enter the property from the rear entrance, despite the property currently being unleased. On arrival at 2200, the two attending police officers received a burst of machine gun fire from a front window and one officer received a Priority 2 injury. The police report hearing shouts in a foreign language, possibly Musorian.

I33 has been released to assist CIVPOL in responding to this situation. Time is now 2215 and your troops are mounted outside BHQ (Campbell Town District High School) and ready to move. A SITREP from the officers at 2210 reported two figures withdrawing NE from the property on foot.

CIVPOL will coordinate CASEVAC and SECURE the property.

Mission: I33 is to INTERDICT suspected MAF SF IOT disrupt MAF reconnaissance in the region.

Execution: Cordon and sweep

Administration & Logistics: Additional stores include equipment for 2 VCPs.

Command & SignalsYou are in command of this patrol and your communications back to your Company Commander are good.

If you wish to view the area in greater detail than what is provided in the maps, you can view topographical maps here. Search for 2 mason Street, Campbell Town and change the base layer on the right hand side.


Develop a quick set of orders and an OP OVERLAY using the images or the link provided for this task.

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. LT L – Quick sweep.
  2. Create your own SMEAC headings in the writing box and fill in your detail from there, you can also upload an overlay that you have created.

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Your section is patrolling dismounted in the vegetation near Elizabeth River as part of the sweeping force. PTE Jackson, a junior member, sees an unarmed unknown person 150m ahead jump up from behind some bushes and sprint away. PTE Jackson yells a warning: ‘Stop there and put your hands above your head! The person continues to run, and in a rush of adrenaline PTE Jackson fires a three round burst. The rounds fail to engage the target and your section loses sight of the person.


What is your priority of action at this point on the patrol? What actions need to be taken WRT PTE Jackson’s breach of LOAC once you conclude your mission?

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. CPL K – Charge.
  2. Fill in your priorities and future COA in the writing box.

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