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An advanced element of the Musorian Armed Forces (MAF) has been deployed to Hobart, Tasmania as a probing force IOT establish a strong point and secure the landing of follow on forces. The Brigade sized probing force has been given authority from the Musorian Government to clear and secure the two main airports in Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston. Upon their success the rest of the Division will follow and establish bases in the airports allowing for the landing of the MAF Expeditionary Force.

This force was following infiltration elements of the MAF Special Forces Platoon – Conventional, who had landed earlier in the port of Hobart and captured the Government House prior to destroying the local communication assets. After neutralising the local government and communication systems they pushed North IOT commence ISR missions and determine movement corridors for follow on forces. Special Forces elements are conducting their missions whilst blending in with the local populace through wearing civilian attire and carrying their standard issued equipment of M16s, RPK, RPG-18s, VHF radio and NFE. They are known to cache equipment and supplies for other ISR assets as well as performing clandestine ops both within and surrounding the local populaces.

In response the Musoria’s invasion of Tasmania, the Australian Government has mobilised 7 Brigade to block the advancing threat with the support of HMAS Canberra providing transport, logistical and C2 support. Due to limited logistical assets, 1 Regt is only able to provide one Battery in support to Bde HQ. 3 Brigade is currently moving its forces to Sydney where it will marry up with HMAS Adelaide and its escort fleet IOT conduct an amphibious lodgement to the North of Hobart.

Size The enemy is operating numerous groups for task specific purposes.

  • ISR assets are operating in 2-3 man groups with the potential to form up to Squad minus when conducting resupply.
  • Clearing and fighting patrols are operating in Squad size groups with the potential to form up to Platoon minus when conducting marry up with other ISR assets.
  • Assault forces are operating in Platoon size groups with the potential to form up Battalion minus depending on the threat, terrain and enemy activity on major objectives.

Activities ISR assets are conducting long range recon IOT establish enemy routes, formations and dispositions whilst also performing path finding operations. This information is passed onto the patrols IOT establish skirmishes and attacks on targeted critical vulnerabilities.

LocationsIntel has advised that MAF have captured and taken control of the airport of Hobart with a Battalion element securely dug in. The remainder of the Brigade has pushed further north to consolidate and then commence their advance, they have established their HQ at Oatlands. ISR assets have been assessed to be operating within the boundaries of Hobart to the South, the Great Pine Tier to the West and the coastlines to the East and North. Squad to Company level formations are operating as far north as 20 kilometres from BHQ.

Unit 7th,8th, 12th Mot Inf Bn, 13th Mot Inf Bde, 8th Mot Inf Div of the Southern Region of the MAF.

TacticsThe enemy operate with slightly different tactics depending on the size of the force.

  • ISR assets will avoid decisive engagement unless under direct threat. The only other circumstance this will vary is if they are ordered to initiate probing attacks with the support of a larger force conducting an attack. Whilst undertaking normal ISR activities they will amass maximum firepower if engaged IOT conduct a clean break and withdraw through pre-planned routes.
  • Patrols are known to conduct aggressive fighting patrols and will only attack if the enemy ratios are met of 3:1. These may be conducted at all levels from Section up to Company level depending on the threat, terrain and objective, which will more commonly result in a Quick Attack.
  • Assaulting forces are only conducted as Deliberate Attacks with reliable intelligence and are only conducted at Battalion level.

Equipment Refer to Table 2-196, LWP-G 7-5-1 Musorian Armed Forces – Organisation and Equipment for a full detailed list of all equipment.

Habits 7th Mot Inf Bn (7 MIB) are well trained and disciplined and it should be expected they will act as independent groups capable of conducting both Offensive and Defensive Operations. They will maintain sentries by day, patrol effectively by night and retain a bias for action to inflict casualties on targets of opportunity if required to withdraw.

Intent 7 MIB is acting as a probing force IOT determine the effectiveness of a successful invasion by the 8th Mot Inf Div into Tasmania. This will be achieved by securing the two main airports in Tasmania, Hobart and Launceston, in which Hobart has already been successfully captured and controlled. Their main push will be north utilising the Midland Highway, neutralising any key infrastructure on the way and establishing a cordon around the two airports. ISR elements are conducting path finding operations IOT determine alternate manoeuvre corridors to the East and West of the Midland Highway. Once both airports are secured, the remainder of 8th Mot Inf Div will move in and occupy, preparing for the Expeditionary Force, which will then co-ordinate the follow on invasion into Australia.

MoraleDue the rare opportunity of such a probing force by the Musorian Government all troop morale is assessed as high. This is reinforced by the successful invasion and control of Hobart with the promise of reinforcements by 8th Mot Inf Div if they are successful in capturing the remaining airport in Launceston.

7 Bde HQ is located at the Launceston Airport.

BG Cougar has a defensive position of the western approaches IVO SE of Great Lake.

BG Panther HQ is located in Campbell Town with security provided by CT Charlie.

CT Alpha is located IVO Ross, 10km South of Campbell Town.

CT Bravo is located IVO Rawlinna, 30km East of Campbell Town IVO Lake Leake.

Both Battle Groups are made up of 3 Combat Teams of Company strength with support from Troops of Combat Engineers, Combat Signallers. BG Panther has been mobilised with M113AS4’s and BG Cougar has been mobilised with Bushmaster PMV’s.

Battle Group Panther

Combat Team - Alpha

Combat Team – Alpha is currently denying Eastern approaches to the Midland Highway

Help to deny the MAF from moving up the flank of Battle Group Panther

Image curtesy of the Australian Defence Force
Combat Team - Bravo

Combat Team – Bravo is currently conducting delay to the West of Ross

Jump into their world and help slow the MAF advance

Combat Team - Charlie

Combat Team – Charlie is currently building the Battle Group Block at Campbell Town

Dive into some scenarios where you will counter the MAF reconnaissance efforts

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