Obstacle construction at Horton Hill

Unit: 2 Pl (I22)

Detachments: Nil

Location: Refer to maps provided

Time: D+1 1640

Weather: Overcast day with fading light. Sunset is due to occur at 1740 with last light at 1810.

Situation: For the initial defence at Ross, BG has surged our Combat Engineers to one Troop with plant for 48 hours in order to establish a tactical obstacle belt. The aim is to disrupt the MAF Commanders use of the MSR around the township of Ross.

Mission: PROTECT the Engineers construction of the obstacle belt

Execution: Security will be achieved through the use of a standing patrol (MSS) with two APC’s on the .188 feature, a section strength dismounted patrol along the Macquarie River with the remainder of vehicles (4x APCs and the Engineer vehicles) and sections providing intimate security  . Construction will continue through the night using darkness to our advantage and to maximise the available time to complete the obstacle. I21 and I23 are remaining in their defensive positions for the duration of this mission.

Administration & Logistics: Only limited supplies are available due to the main defensive position under construction in Campbell Town, these supplies will only allow for the construction until A2 Echelon is resupplied. CT-C will bring forward the second batch of supplies for the disrupt obstacle. Priority of fires from the company 81mm Mortars has been given to I22 for the entirety on its mission and can be coordinated through the attached FO.

Command & Signals: I22 is OIC of this mission and will provide the Engineer Commander a secure area to construct the obstacle. UAV will be active throughout the mission and will be monitoring Blackman River to the south

If you wish to view the area in greater detail than what is provided in the maps, you can view topographical maps here. Search for Brown Hills and change the base layer on the right hand side to ‘Scanned Maps’

The Engineers are now two hours into the construction and the dozers have begun to dig their trench IVO GR 408 428. The section patrol has cleared the southern creek line from the 41 northing, they are currently IVO GR 412 416 and moving north.

The standing patrol on the .188 feature reports that they have identified several fighting aged males with possible weapons moving north through the creek line IVO GR 411 425. Seven minutes later the standing patrol reports that it has now identified several male children moving north in the same creek line through a break in the tree line at GR 408 426.


Develop a plan of how you will deal with this situation and write your orders in SMEAC format to your platoon and attached elements. You may create and attach a map if you wish.

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. LT B – Request for external support
  2. Create your own SMEAC headings in the writing box and fill in your detail from there.

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Time is now D+2 0516, you were woken 15 min ago by an explosion within your position followed by a short burst of small arms fire. During this time, you have been ensuring the area is secure whilst gathering as much information as you can IOT allow your PL Comd to come up with an informed decision on what to do next.

You have been able to confirm that two enemy had infiltrated your position and were able to destroy a truck containing mission critical stores for the engineering task. Upon arriving at the position, you discovered one enemy male being detained by two Engineers and one enemy KIA. Upon further investigation, you observe that the detained member is approximately 15 years old, lives locally and is the older brother of the enemy KIA. The only information the Sect Comd was able to get out of the detainee was that their parents had been held captive by the MAF and they wouldn’t be freed unless he and his brother destroyed ‘the Australian Scum’, after that the teenager was too distraught by his younger brother’s death to answer any more questions. The younger brother was killed by one of the Sappers after he fired an RPG into the stores truck and you found the Sapper shaken and unresponsive due to the age of the enemy KIA.


Describe your considerations on how you are going to deal with the security, loss of mission critical stores and the detainee and enemy KIA IOT support your PL Comd.  

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. SGT D – Backload
  2. Fill in your detail in the area provided.

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The time is now D+2 0446 and your section has been working hard during the initial 12 hours of the construction. You notice that small things are starting to slip so you start a rest rotation with two members resting in the Somercotes B&B as the remainder continue to work. Earlier in the mission, the infantry call signs identified multiple fighting age males with possible weapons. When they sent a clearing patrol out they were not able to find any sign of enemy movement.

Your section is in the middle of tidying up and packing some tools into the vehicle IOT move to the next area. One of your section members who went to collect some tools that were left behind calls you over urgently. You grab the guy next to you and move over to find a teenager with an AK-47 pointed at your mate. The guy next to you also notices another person in the vegetation about 30m away who is looking at you, but with an RPG pointed at the vehicle with mission critical stores, the teenager with AK-47 has all his attention on your mate who has called you over.


Describe your considerations and how you would handle this situation in any format you wish.

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. CPL J – Shoot first
  2. Write your solution in the writing box and submit.

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