Security of A2 Echelon

Unit: I31

Attachments: 2 x M113; 1 x Sniper pair; 1 x MST

Detachments: I31C

Location: Refer to map

Time: D+3 0800

Weather: Overcast; sunset at 1740

Situation: MAF SF has been disrupting AS supply routes by sabotaging the train tracks north of Campbell Town, which has placed additional pressures on road supply lines. Intelligence indicates that MAF SF will continue to target supply routes through a direct attack on transport assets at the A2 Echelon in the next 24 hours. Parts of the A2 Echelon is located IVO the Caltex building in Campbell Town which is now deemed a Vital Asset.

Campbell Town is a low socioeconomic area, with youth unemployment rates higher than the national average. While the majority of the population have been evacuated, some refused to move. Of those who are left, most are supportive of Australian forces whilst some have demonstrated hostility toward us. Our activities in Campbell Town have restricted the freedom of action for gangs and criminal groups who are trying to take advantage of the invasion.

Mission: Secure A2 Echelon from D+3 1200 to D+4 1200 IOT deny MAF ability to disrupt logistics assets.

Execution: Vital asset protection of Caltex complex and adjacent areas.

Administration & Logistics: Additional stores include:

  • 400m of Cat 2 wire – 40min/50m to build
  • equipment for 2 VCPs
  • 400m of HESCO barrier – 1hr/50m to build
  • Supplies to build 2x towers – 8hrs each to build

Command & SignalsYou are in command of this patrol and the construction. CHQ is located IVO Campbell Town District High School with 3 Section, who is assisting providing close security.

If you wish to view the area in greater detail than what is provided in the maps, you can view topographical maps here. Search for Campbell Town and change the base layer on the right hand side if you need to.

You are conducting battle prep on the ovals to the west of the District High School, prior to commencing your security task. One of your section commanders reports that a non-military, unidentified drone has been flying over the District High School for 10 minutes. You cannot observe the controller of the drone from your position. The MAF has been known to utilise UAVs for reconnaissance purposes, as well as for deployment of improvised explosives and grenades. The drone is still in view above the school.


  1. Compile a SITREP (At At What What What) to higher. What actions would you take after an incident like this?
  2. Your OC requires a CONOPS back brief in 30 minutes, outlining the plan to enhance security of the A2 Echelon over the next 24 hours. Use the maps or link provided to create an overlay of your plan.

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. LT B – Mission first.
  2. Create your own SITREP headings in the writing box and fill in your detail from there and you can upload your overlay that you have created.

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You are manning a Vehicle Control Point IVO the intersection between High St and Queen St. A member of your section reports that a white station wagon, registration GID243 has driven past the VCP twice and is now parked across the road. There are three fighting aged males in the car, and the driver is speaking into a mobile phone. After reporting to higher, you are tasked to go and question these persons.


Write a transcript of how you would conduct the questioning. What would be your triggers to search the vehicle or detain the persons as suspects? How would your actions be affected if one of the suspects was underage (14 years old)?

How to submit:

  1. Topic title should include your rank, last initial and a brief description of your COA, eg. CPL S – Aggressive.
  2. Write you transcript and triggers in the box provided.

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